Ideal for restaurants and other table top advertisements

Table Talkers are ideal for:

· Identifying and promoting products

· Indicating choices available

· Comparing and contrasting product benefits

Benefits of table talkers:

  1. Makes your deal shine
  2. Highlight new products or offers
  3. Draw attention to lesser-known products
  4. Keep up with seasonal trends
  5. Promote your brand

What is a Table Talker?

Table talkers are multi-sided point-of-sale displays that are popular in the service and retail industries. They are commonly used as counter or tabletop displays and are made from either card or clear plastic so that they stand up independently.

6 Popular Table Talkers:

  1. Wedding Table Talkers: Table talkers are an excellent way to number your tables and assist guests in finding their seats prior to a wedding breakfast or other wedding meal. You can also use wedding table talkers to describe each course of the meal - three courses is even better! It's an excellent match!
  2. Restaurant Table Talkers: Table talkers are also an excellent way to promote set menus and special promotions in your café or restaurant. Because you'll be using each 'face' for a single dish, you can use high-quality photographs of the food to entice customers to order specific meals. They're also simple to brand to match your restaurant's interior décor - simply add your logo and colours to the design and keep fonts consistent with your main menu.

    They're also a good choice for bar menus because they allow multiple people to view them at the same time, unlike a standard flat menu. Place a few along your bar to help with the happy hour rush.

  3. Price Lists: Table talkers are frequently used as price lists due to their tall skinny shape and work well in salons, spas, and other businesses that have set prices for different services. They can be displayed prominently on a counter or reception desk so that customers can compare prices before making a purchase.

    You could keep your prices on one side and any special deals on the other two to entice customers to spend a little more.

  4. Support a Cause: Instead of a traditional stack of flyers, why not scatter some table talkers around a waiting room to promote a cause? These neat little tools stand out from other, flatter marketing materials and force readers - especially those waiting for an appointment - to notice by standing up.

    We like how this NHS table talker provides information about the dangers of high blood pressure. The key to being so effective is the strong call to action: Don't put off getting checked for high blood pressure!

  5. Keep Up with Seasonal Trends: Interested in incorporating seasonal marketing into your menu or product offering? Table tents are an excellent solution, especially because they are simple to recycle and inexpensive to repurchase throughout the year. Many restaurants use 3-face table talkers to display seasonal dishes, while retailers use them to promote seasonal sales such as Black Friday and Christmas deals.
  6. Advertise Events: We like to use table talkers to remind colleagues of upcoming events here at instantprint HQ. This is also applicable to customers in a retail setting! Simply list all of the important details (along with some enticing sneak peeks of what to expect from the event) to showcase your event.

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