Looking for a unique but useful promotional gift? Offering a customised calendar is a fantastic way to get exposure to your business year round. They are a cost-effective marketing tool that can be completely customised and branded with your business information. Pick your theme, showcase your products, use advertising space... it is an extremely useful way to create brand awareness!

Here are the top benefits of printing a branded calendar for your business:

Calendars offer year-round exposure

365 opportunities to have your brand front of mind. When your print calendar is used daily, your customer is reminded of your company every day of the year.

Calendars are functional.

They are used for scheduling and keeping appointments. Anything from business meetings, birthdays, client appointments, school holidays and deadlines are documented on calendars. They are very useful tools.

Calendars are an amazing branding tool for your business.

Showcase your achievements, products, personality and your clients will get to know you. If it is well designed, quality printed and finished, it will really make an impact. Use the space to encourage customers to purchase services or products from you. You can subtly talk about the advantages of your business within the pages of your print calendar. Use the space to sell yourself.

Calendars are used everywhere!

Offices, schools, homes....wherever people place your calendar they are promoting your business.

Calendars are nice to look at

Especially if it is well designed and functional.

There are a myriad of options available

Desk calendars, A4 calendars, magnets, calendar year, financial year, single card, tent calendars, posters....the options are endless.

Calendars make a unique and thoughtful gift.

Clients and prospects would appreciate the gesture.

Calendars are easily delivered by direct mail.

At the end of the day – calendars create customer loyalty.

Ensure that you begin creating your print calendar early on so that you have enough time to get them to your customers before the end of the year (calendar or financial year).

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