Here At YC Print Shop We Offer A Wide Range Of Different Digital Printing 

Our Services Include The Following:


Chromadek Signs:

Made from a premium sheet of galvanised steel, these signs are perfect for both for interior and exterior use. Galvanised steel is highly durable with an exemplary long life. Our chromadek signs come in various sizes and are the perfect option if you want something more durable than a PVC sign.

Correx Signs:

These signs are made from a corrugated plastic sheet, unlike corrugated cardboard our correx signs are sturdy, durable, and weather resistant. Correx signs are ideal for short term advertising and they come in different sizes and thicknesses. 


An attractive gazebo is a brilliant way to establish company presence while keeping you cool, dry, and relaxed. Marketing just got a whole lot easier. Our branded gazebos are printed with precision and care. 

Embroidery & Screen Printing:

We do Cut-out Coloured Vinyl & Full Colour Vinyl. Our embroidery and screen-printing experts can print any pattern on any fabric. We can do small and large, regular and irregular, shoes and hats, quits and mats. You bring it, we print it. 


Lanyards have been and always will be a brilliant invention. Keep your keys, your cards, your employees, and your travel sized hand sanitiser safe, numbered, and remembered. Our printed lanyards are a notch above the rest in quality and durability, with our printed lanyards you will know which group, keys, cards, or sanitiser, is yours.

Selfie boards:

Our selfie boards are sharp, neat, and durable. We know events and parties are some of the sweeter parts of life and we print our selfie boards with that in mind. When you turn 16 and all the way until you celebrate your promotion to CEO, our selfie boards back you very event on the way.

Our services don’t stop here, we can print on anything from board signs to memory sticks.

What is the importance of branding?

Printing allows you to reach a much larger audience, particularly in your local area. Flyers allow for mass market distribution, which means you can reach a large audience without spending a lot of money.